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   About Milford

About Milford Zornes

Milford Zornes work is characterized by large shapes, abstracted forms and compositions that are strong and powerful. At the age of 92, while performing a workshop demonstration in the old Dixon studio that he once owned, with brush in hand, a colorful palette of watercolors and a large sheet of watercolor paper, he began: “It all begins with a line, with shapes and with simplifying what you see. That is how you will end up with a powerful composition” he said in his very deep, commanding voice, holding the attention of all 30 attendees who had traveled near and far to participate.

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We strongly believe in the importance of preserving this historical property, and the need for sharing it with other artists. We want to ensure that future generations will understand and benefit from everything we do at the Dixon property, which is why we continue to produce the fine arts events, host artist retreats, mount major shows for important artists and host art workshops.




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