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About Bernard R. Hubbard

A member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) from 1908, Father Hubbard was sent to Alaska in 1926. Over the next 30 years he led Alaska research expeditions, studied glaciers, volcanoes, anthropology and other subjects. Most of his life was spent lecturing and teaching around the world. Father Hubbard spent a year on King Island as part of a study of Arctic Eskimos and Indians then undertook a 2,000 mile umiak journey in the Arctic Ocean to prove that the Eskimos, from Nome to Barter Island, shared a common language. He spent 1943 and 1944 on Attu Island as chaplain to the Seabees. From 1945-1947, he lectured to the Armed Forces in Europe and surveyed American-staffed Jesuit missions around the world. In 1948, he served as consultant to the military in Alaska. Father Hubbard was world-renowned for his popular lectures and films. Bernard Rosecrans Hubbard was born November 24, 1888, in San Francisco, California. He was educated in the United States and Austria, and was a faculty member at the University of Santa Clara, California for over 40 years. He died there at the age of 73 on May 28, 1962.

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