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  • Under the Old Tree - Oil - 20x24

    Under the Old Tree

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About Louis Escobedo

Louis was born in Sweetwater Texas and received an Advertising Art Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas. He changed his career from illustration to fine art in 1985. In 1990 he moved to Denver and painted with many great artists including Richard Schmid, Mark Daily, and Carolyn Anderson. Louis’ many talents include experimenting with composition, design and seeing today’s life and objects from a philosophical point of view filled with humor and beauty. Whether it is people walking down the street, a kitchen sink, or the window of a retail store, his work has imagination, color, and insight of all that he sees and feels. Louis is always striving to master his use of color, tone and texture.

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We strongly believe in the importance of preserving this historical property, and the need for sharing it with other artists. We want to ensure that future generations will understand and benefit from everything we do at the Dixon property, which is why we continue to produce the fine arts events, host artist retreats, mount major shows for important artists and host art workshops.




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