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About Susan D Bingham

Susan Bingham is the co-founder of the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area she and her husband Paul became familiar with the art of Maynard Dixon and began to collect his art, along with many other California Artists of the period (1900-1950). Eventually the couple opened their first art gallery when Paul left the corporate world and became a full time art dealer. Susan joined as partner with him as their three children entered their teens. At that time Susan began weekly art classes with Charles Muench an accomplished California artist a recent graduate of San Jose State University and Art Students League New York. “ What Charles taught me was an understanding of the basics of oil painting. We would set up our own still life compositions and paint in natural light. He taught me to see value, color, composition.” Further study included classes with well known Utah artist Bonnie Posselli, and workshops with Ray Roberts, Skip Whitcomb, Kate Starling, Colleen Howe Louis Escobedo and individual instruction with many other artists whom the Bingham’s have represented. The couple purchased the Maynard Dixon historical home in Mt. Carmel, Utah in 1998, restored the buildings and grounds and formed a 501 (c)3 non profit foundation that supports artists living today through showcasing their art at the Thunderbird Foundation Art Gallery which hosts shows, educational forums for art groups, artist retreats, workshops and daily tours of the historical property. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places. Susan paints nearly every day now and shows her work at their Gallery. The Bingham’s have three married children and five grandchildren. Artist Statement “ I love the wonder and miracle of nature. In my art I find myself focusing on the intimate scene of a objects transformed by various light effects and time of day. I try to capture the emotion and feeling that inanimate objects reveal, the mystery in shadow, the excitement of color and form. I strive to be original in my approach to subjects and enjoy the process of creating and learning through my mistakes and failures, and being inspired by all of the wonderful artists I have had to opportunity to know in the life I lead.”

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We strongly believe in the importance of preserving this historical property, and the need for sharing it with other artists. We want to ensure that future generations will understand and benefit from everything we do at the Dixon property, which is why we continue to produce the fine arts events, host artist retreats, mount major shows for important artists and host art workshops.




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