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Gwen Ethelbah

Thomas Breeden

Debra Russell

Michelle Farrier

Sharon Mantor

Philip Mantor

Don Miskin

Terri Wells

Mary Lois Brown

Kaia Thomas

John Taggart

Robert Dycus

Olga Hegner

Karrie Baldwin

Pat Shakespear

Candace Rideout

Tony Hilscher

Hannah Harper

Brad Clark

Barbara Mulleneaux

Roxane Pfister

Deena Millecam

Pamela Ingwers

Anton Nowels

Lewis Williams

Gail Denton


Since 1999, the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts has been committed to preserving Maynard Dixon's legacy by providing an official artist retreat program. The Dixon home and studio has become an important destination for visiting artists wishing to partake of the beauty and spirit of Southern Utah where great painters and sculptors, writers and photographers have come for retreats and convivial inspiration for more than seventy years. The cabin, bunkhouse and studio is on the National Register of Historic Places in Mt. Carmel, Utah. The buildings on the Mt. Carmel property were built in 1939, and were restored in 1998-1999.

The Foundation encourages emerging, as well as established artists, to apply for Maynard Dixon Country as guest artists.  These guests will join the invited artists in the Wet Painting Show and Sale on Saturday morning August 25, at 10:00 am.

It is the Foundation's intention to have the artist return home having been productive in creating his or her work, with inspiration for future works, and that the overall experience will be one that is cherished for a lifetime.




During Maynard Dixon Country 2018, many guest artists will have the opportunity to sign up for daily workshops with the invited artists.

More information later as arrangements are being made for specific instruction.




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