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Maynard Dixon Country

Price: $125.00

Maynard Dixon Country

August 22-25 Dixon Property

Includes admission to all events

Only Two Artist Admissions Remain as of August 6

Formal Cutoff August 15

 Dixon's Thoughts About Art is the Theme

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Meet and Greet Dinner Wednesday night Dixon Home

Symposium Leaders:

Russell Case

Louis Escobedo

Glenn Renell

Elizabeth Robbins

Shanna Allen Kunz

Dilleen Marsh

 The symposium panel participants and demonstrations:

John Taft

Lorenzo Chavez

Robert Goldman

Spike Ress

Brett Allen Johnson

Colleen Howe

David Lee

Denise Mahlke

 Mark Fehlman

Ray Roberts

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

Joshua Baird

Roland Lee

Dilleen Marsh

Julie Rogers

Susan Gallacher

 Dinner and free admission to Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Thursday night at the Old Rock Church organized by

Robin Arnold

Sam DeLeeuw

Also the exceptional Native American Flute Player

Nino Reyos

Artist Reception Friday 6-9 at the Gallery

Catered by SEGO

Shon Foster

Wet painting show and sale August 25, 10:00 am

The Maynard Dixon Country Event is a gathering of artists, collectors, community, and friends who love art.

The guiding principles of the event are two fold: we want to help artists in America and we want to ensure the viability of historic preservation. We are deeply connected to the art of Maynard Dixon and his contributions to American art. But rather than focusing solely on the beloved paintings of Maynard Dixon, we focus on the "art spirit" and intention of Maynard Dixon, the artist, poet, and whole person. In choosing to remember Dixon this way, we believe his legacy becomes even more meaningful when it is illuminated by the artists who are living and making art in 2018.

This event is our major fundraising event to support the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts. In bringing collectors to this event, we help the artists on the forefront of American art continue to thrive, and we fulfill our mission for historic preservation. All art sales from Maynard Dixon Country directly funds the artists as well as the annual operating budget of the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts and the Maynard Dixon Living History Museum.

This is not a Plein Air event nor is it a competition. The art displayed in the Thunderbird gallery will be by the artists who have been selected for symposiums, demonstrations and one day workshops. Therefore there is no need to bring special exhibition artwork unless you are invited to do so.

The big day will be on Saturday for the show and sale of the best examples of your art that has not been offered at other venues. Sizes are limited to 16x20 and smaller. As things sell you can back fill in the four spaces that will be alloted.

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