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Portrait of Leslie 36x24 Inches circa 1960

Best of show, Santa Barbara Museum of Art 1960

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Painter Claude Buck was born in New York City on July 3, 1890.  He began his artistic studies at the National Academy of Design and was taught by artists including Emile Carlsen, George deForest Brush, Francis Jones, and Kenyon Cox.  Later he traveled to Munich for a period of study.  Upon his return, he began a busy schedule of exhibitions.

Although Buck spent the last years of his life in Santa Cruz, California, and is considered a California artist, his work also reflects the formal New York and Munich training he received at the beginning of his career.  He also was a painting instructor at the Studio School of Art in Chicago for some years.

Member: Carmel Art Association; Chicago Galleries Association; Society for Sanity in Art; Santa Cruz Artist League, Grand Central Art Gallery.

Exhibited: Chicago Galleries Association, 1926 (prize), 1927 (prize), 1930 (prize), 1931 (prize); Art Institute of Chicago 1929 (prize); Oakland Art Gallery, 1945 (medal); California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, 1944 (medal); Chicago P & S, 1932 (medal); Carmel Art Gallery; Santa Cruz Art Gallery, 1944-46; Chicago Gallery Association; Retrospective, Bingham Gallery San Jose Ca 1987.

Works held: Gerald Buck Collection; Eastman Memorial Foundation, Laurel, Mississippi; University of Chicago; Vanderpoel College; Brigham Young University; Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts; Santa Cruz Public Library.

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