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Remembered Earth

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Remembered Earth

Oil 12x16

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Wandering The Colorado Plateau.

UTAH Exhibition April 2022.

The landscapes of the area known as The Colorado Plateau have been a source of endless inspiration for creating and a spirit lifting and mind nourishing terrain.

As a young painter searching for inspiring landscapes to sketch and experience, I began to explore this region and it never failed to provide more inspiration than many other areas. I love the timeless feeling, the bare bones of the exposed good earth and the vast wide-open spaces, the endless sky and mysterious and compelling canyons and dry washes. When sketching I Immerse myself in beauty, I think creatively, and take a brief hiatus from the demands of everyday life, I am fully present in that place and that moment, I see, study and notice things that I perhaps did not notice before. Sketching raises my awareness; and it is pleasurable now because I have learned to enjoy the experience and the process of creating more than any preconceived outcome.

I feel rejuvenated and at peace here in the Colorado Plateau region, I feel inspired to share my love of this place. Grand vistas and small dry washes, sagebrush and pine are all equally influences for creating. While painting the landscape from life, I began to remember that I am not separate from nature, that as a human, I belong not just to a human society but equally to nature and of the more than human world. I do not just view natures power and beauty from the outside, I am one of it, It is here amongst nature and surrounded by this place of wonder that I am most conscience of being. And it is here that I am uplifted and inspired to love and create.

The night sky and dawn and dusk leave me with a feeling of another dimension  and a connectedness to timelessness and everlasting, and for that I am grateful to be alive to feel, create and love.

Lorenzo Chavez 2022




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