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Road to Escalante

Price: $7,500.00

Road to Escalante

Oil on Canvas 24x54 Inches

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Bruce Everett
Artist Statement/Bio
My reasons for painting the landscape are first and foremost out of a deep emotional need to paint what moves me. Seeing a powerful scene isn't enough. I need to paint it to really be there, and in a way be done with it. But what attracts me to a subject in the first place are the formal elements---the dynamics of the composition, the textures, the shapes, the subtlety of colors and the polarities and rhythms of light and dark. It all adds up to being "of the place"---a connection that can't be explained except by painting it. It is important to me to accurately represent what I experience. I don't want to contrive a landscape so much as discover it.

There is no irony, no theory, no theme connected to most landscape painting, and certainly not mine. But there is a sort of austere seriousness, and a recognition of an essential, profound intelligence in our natural environment. Roads appear frequently in my paintings, but never as a conscious symbol or metaphor. They help to define the contours of the landscape, and also serve to make the viewer feel present, and see through my eyes. They also make a statement about the presence of humanity in an otherwise uninhabited scene. I often combine both loose, painterly brushwork and a studied precise handling within the same painting, which directs the attention from the background to the foreground, and back again. However, in the end, to marvel at our presence in the world is the true subject of my paintings.
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