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About Kaia Thomas

Kaia Thomas was born in Canoga Park, CA in 1973. When she was a year old, her parents moved from their place in Big Bear to a remote log cabin in the Pacific Northwest. It was here that Kaia developed her love of nature and art as a child. In 1991 she moved with her family to Arizona and going from a log cabin in the Washington rain forest, to the dry southwest desert, was as extreme as it gets for a change in scenery. However, the beauty and magic of the Arizona landscape resonated in the young artist and became a huge influence on her art. Her passion for the? southwest? landscape? is most noticeable in her work today, bringing forth a captivating “sense of place” in her paintings. Inspired to start painting very young and with strong support from her family, Kaia pursued her art and taught herself with books, videos and befriending experienced artists. One such acquaintance was Canadian based artist Alf Crossley, who in the early 90's showed her his approach to art - not to draw or paint the place or thing, rather find a place to create in so to capture it's mood or essence. This was an eye opening experience for the impressionable young artist. She experimented with this abstract style, gleaning from it the ability to tap into the "essence of place" and to freely express what she felt. In later years? she began taking online courses and workshops. She studied with instructor Phil Starke through the Tucson Art Academy Online, and took plein air workshops with notable landscape painters, Chris Morel and Glenn Renell.

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Available Artwork

We strongly believe in the importance of preserving Dixon's historical property, and the need for sharing it with other artists. We want to ensure that future generations will understand and benefit from everything we do at the Dixon property, which is why we continue to produce the Maynard Dixon Country event, host artist retreats, mount major shows for local artists, and host art workshops.

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