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Dixon Invitational Camp Out

Dixon Invitational Camp Out

The Maynard Dixon Camp Out is a gathering of artists, collectors, community, and friends who love art.


The guiding principles of the event are two fold: we want to help artists in America and we want to ensure the viability of historic preservation. We are deeply connected to the art of Maynard Dixon and his contributions to American art. But rather than focusing solely on the beloved paintings of Maynard Dixon, we focus on the "art spirit" and intention of Maynard Dixon, the artist, poet, and whole person. In choosing to remember Dixon this way, we believe his legacy becomes even more meaningful when it is illuminated by the artists who are living and making art in 2017.


The camp out is also one of two fundraising events to support the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts. In bringing serious collectors to this event, we help the artists on the forefront of American art continue to thrive, and we fulfill our mission for historic preservation. All art sales from Dixon Camp Out and  Maynard Dixon Country directly fund the artists as well as the annual operating budget of the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts and the Maynard Dixon Living History Museum.


In an effort to be fair to all artists seeking to participate in this invitational event, it must be made clear that the basic pre-requisites for participation and invitation are as follows:


  1. A complete and fully developed level of understanding of the importance of Maynard Dixon and his approach to making fine art as he moved through their several stages of creating fine art between 1900-1946. Included here is his approach of painting direct and outdoors as a means of developing ideas and information for the production of major works in the studio.
  2. An agreement to make an effort to attend the symposiums at the Dixon property in Mount Carmel.
  3. A considered level of understanding regarding the goals of the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts in their preservation of the legacy of Maynard Dixon and Edith Hamlin and that the fundraiser Dixon Camp Out Invitational, is one of their major annual events to underwrite all of their programs as described above.
  4. That consideration for invitation includes a willingness to attend and participate in the wet painting show and sale with artwork that has been produced during the season January-June and has not been shown at other venues.
  5. An agreement that selected art is consigned for the entire length of the show through July 31 including selected wet paintings shown but not sold during the wet paintings show and sale. This consignment agreement is for 60% to the artist and 40% to the foundation. This agreement also allows for use of any and all images for promotion purposes as needed. This agreement also allows the foundation to employ any method of sales and marketing they deem necessary and that a certain inferred hold harmless clause is fully understood and agreed to.



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